Each of us is an energy system. Energy flows through us, and is directed by our consciousness. When we are healthy, or balanced, energy flows smoothly.
The flow of energy is regulated by seven energy centers, which are called chakras.
Any disease or illness can be described as an imbalanced condition. AIDS (or HIV positive) is an out of balance condition that affects the immune system. The immune system is regulated or controlled by the thymus gland, which in turn is regulated by the heart chakra. The heart chakra is that part of our energy system that affects and is influenced by our perception of love.

AIDS, then, is an out of balance condition linked in some way to individual perceptions of love.
This disease began among members of our society whose lifestyle created a sense of separation from those they loved. Without the love they need, and seeing no way out of their dilemma, people decide at some point that they would rather die. The immune system then deteriorates so that their wish can be carried out.
Among members of the homosexual community, a determination to assert freedom of sexual expression is accompanied by a need to hide this sexual preference from parents, from business associates, and from members of the heterosexual community in general, for fear of being rejected, unloved.

Distant Healing for HIV/AIDS

With the generally puritanist attitudes of the heterosexual community, fear is often justified, but situations are also created in many members of the gay community of non-acceptance of themselves, a judgmental way of seeing themselves that stimulates even more than an emphatic tone to exercise their sexual preferences, with demand louder reception.

However, without individual acceptance of themselves, they will have difficulty recognizing acceptance of others. There will remain the suspicion that other people judge them as they judge themselves.
In the Haitian community, the harsh martial arts rules imposed by dictator Duvalier create an atmosphere of suspicion and fear, even between members of the same family, to overshadow love. Again, lifestyle or people create a sense of separation from those they love. So, AIDS was born there too.

Drug users too, who are affected, lead a lifestyle that separates them from their loved ones, and so they close their hearts. The children born to them, not finding the love they need, also begin to die – again, from a lack of love. When these children go to public schools, they are separated, ostracized, and again, unloved – because they are sick!
They are feared, and the parents of healthy children demand that AIDS children be expelled from school. So there’s a lot more to non-acceptance.

Our perceptions create our reality. We can say that those who develop AIDS have the perception that they are not loved. That perception is nourished and strengthened, and these people are able to affirm even more of their basic belief that they are not loved, and prove to themselves that it is true. Then, they ask themselves, what is life for?
The response by many people who do not consider themselves loved, is to not love, in return, and so the heart chakra becomes more closed, affecting the thymus gland, and the immune system.

Our society created AIDS to show us that we need to love more. We have entered the Age of Aquarius, the age of the heart chakra. We have, as planetary consciousness, entered an age where it no longer makes sense to think in separatist terms, or in terms of conflict. We have an obligation now to think in terms of cooperation, in terms of what we can do to help others, in terms of love, in terms of service.

It is clear, for example, that we cannot tell the Russians that Chernobyl is their problem. We’ve seen that events in one country can have an effect on another, if not the world. We have become obliged to think in more global terms, and in fact, we have already begun to do so.

AIDS, like other out of balance conditions, is curable. What is needed is love.

One young man in San Francisco who had developed AIDS was given radical therapy, which reversed the effects of the disease and resulted in his recovery. He must bwalking through the streets carrying balloons, became distinctly different, and when passersby would stare at him, he had to give them a card that said, “I love you.”