FitFlop has been providing the world with toning footwear items for several years, they have now decided to give the world more of a benefit by trying to provide finance to AIDS research charities.

Footwear brands often use their popular influence to help worthy causes, by attributing their name to charities and campaigns generally meaning that advertising brings awareness where it may not necessarily be known. The toning footwear brand FitFlop joins a range of other footwear brands that have previously been involved in campaigns to help others. FitFlop owner Marcia Kilgore has committed to helping the South African community hit by the HIV crisis and she has recruited cape town Wola Nani cooperative expertise for her Beaded Manyano style flat sandals in an effort to aid the campaign. All sales of Manyano sandals are going to cooperatives to be used in the most productive ways to help those affected by the HIV virus.

HIV in South Africa

The Manyano is an individual style created by Kilgore primarily for this campaign, its 2011 Spring and Summer collection was launched recently and features some of the most stylish shoes and sandals for women as well as men and kids that are also meant to be worn over a long period of time. months ahead the weather is warm and is to benefit the wearer in a variety of ways, from looking stylish in the day and night to working out their leg and lower muscles. With so many great designs to choose from, there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

The latest FitFlop collection is hailed as the hottest and it’s easy to see why when it’s full of sparkling wedge sandals like the beaded skirtkit and the rhinestoned Pietra style shoes. The excellent Electra Walkstar is also back as it was one of the top selling styles last spring and summer. With a gorgeous new design like Floretta in glamorous bronze, antique white, indium and luxurious coral, the colors are gorgeous for Summer and go totally stylish with their delicate leather flowers on the front of these toe-post wedge sandals.

For men the Spring and Summer look really cool too, with the Gogh Slide leather sandals for toning the legs and the super trendy Supertone sneakers available in nubuck or leather or any stylish Dass or Freeway sandals that would look perfect with shorts or jeans. throughout the Summer months. There’s no reason not to be tight when going about your day to day business and with the FitFlop it’s super easy to do as the style is so fashionable and easy to wear.

The politics of AIDS in South Africa

The FitFlop toning footwear brand was founded by businesswoman Marcia Kilgore a few years ago and ultra wearable designs for men and women as well as children have had a successful run away. With each new season collection comes more innovative styles and fashionable details that differentiate these fitness shoes from their competitors simply because they don’t look like toning shoes and they don’t imply that sports are necessary because they are everyday shoes designed to be worn by normal people. every day. Processor benefits, posture enhancing benefits and the comfort factor are all included in the range of footwear from the FitFlop.

The success of the Fit Flops is clear in the way an independent shop is being planned and a modular ‘pod’ to showcase all FitFlop styles has been designed by a leading London design studio called Sybarite. This creative idea is being used in a Filipino shop that opened in January this year and more stores are planned by Kilgore in Los Angeles and London to open later this year. With a future looking so bright for this fitness footwear brand, it’s clear they are on the right track when it comes to giving consumers what they want when they want to tone up and look great at the same time.