Here in this article you will learn some proven tips, techniques and effective methods for safer sex. This will protect you from STDs like AIDS.

People argue that tips and methods for safe sex reduce the excitement and pleasure of making love. This can only be a person’s personal opinion but increasing cases of people suffering from sexually transmitted diseases or STDs has underlined the idea of ??safe sex. The definition of safe sex is the sexual activity of people involved in which they have used precautions to protect themselves from STDs such as AIDS. There are many activities that are employed by lovers during the act that can transfer infection from one body to another. Sometimes the source of infection is not aware that he or she is carrying certain diseases before they have infected several people.

A Woman’s Guide to Safe Sex Basics

The use of a condom during the act of making love with a partner is a must as it can protect against many types of infections although this is not a complete protection. The HIV virus can be transmitted through unprotected oral and anal sex as well. If there is a partner who has a cut or open sores in the mouth than oral sex can transmit the HIV virus, it is better to avoid such activities when a person is suffering from such an injury in the mouth.

If a person is interested in oral sex then the use of flavored condoms for men and plastic wrap for women should be used for safer oral sex. A dental dam is a square piece of latex that can be found at condom shops or drugstores as well as in dental clinics, covering a female’s groin before going for oral stimulation will act as a shield against infection. Do not turn or touch the other side of the wrap during the action. The best condoms consist of latex which provides maximum protection from STDs, even condoms consisting of polyurethane are good if a person is allergic to latex, placing the condom on the male genitalia before oral sex will protect women from infection. Use separate condoms for oral and vaginal sex. Always remember menstrual blood can transmit all types of viruses and infect agents so avoiding sex during periods is recommended.

Safer Sex Guidelines

Another tip for safer sex is to wear a condom on two fingers and apply some lubrication to it for vaginal and anal stimulation; this avoids direct contact of the prescribed fluids after the woman is excited.

Stimulating women with toys or other means is also an adopted method for safer sex, these toys should not be used by everyone and proper cleaning or disposal must be carried out after use. Suction devices are used to stimulate men or simple masturbation with proper lubrication and wearing surgical gloves can also evoke feelings more safely. If someone wants to use lubrication for any reason make sure that men should use lubrication after they have put on the condom and oil-based lubricants should be avoided as they create brittle latex which can burst the condom during the procedure. Lubricants such as KY Jelly, aqua lube, and astroglide are good for use and the use of vaseline and other creams and oils should be avoided. Don’t rely on female condoms for safer sex as they provide protection only from pregnancy and not from infection.